One of the most important questions is concerning the budget. Sometimes there are parents to help financing the event, but in today times, mostly it is the couple itself to pay and therefore to plan very precisely what to realize and what not.

BudgetBudgetBudget   So always the first question is, how many budget we have to plan for a wedding in Italy. This may not be answered easily. Because it is so various according to the type of location, type and contents of a menue, type of decoration.

Generally it may be said, that famous towns like Florence, Rome, Venice are more expensive then less known and smaller cities. Summer is the main season, so April and October may be better for dealing down costs. We may develop a first idea of the necessary budget, if you have an answer to these questions:

  • What kind of ceremony do you have in mind ?
  • Do you think of a reception after the ceremony and a dinner in the evening ?
  • What religion you are belonging to ?
  • Which is he region of Italy you like to get married ?
  • Nationality of bride and groom ?
  • Preferred date or period?


Follow the link to see some "Wedding examples" including budget infos.
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