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There are so many ways of organizing the most important day of your life. Even after 11 years of planning weddings, each new couple means new aspects to consider und this is good so.

Each wedding has to be planned very individually, with lots of understanding for the special wishes of a couple. We then offer proposals and try to elaborate the programmes of the whole day. This shows quite good, how many different details there are to be planned for just one single day. Starting with hairdresser in the morning, transport for guests, the ceremony itself, then a reception, maybe a boat trip, photos, and in the evening the dinner with cake and everything. As well give all guests room in the afternoon for just a refreshening nap

We are the specialists with hundreds of weddings already realized, so we come up with advices and help for everything.

Quite important is the budget. Sure that a big budget is easy to plan, from all only the best. But mostly the budgets are tight and so we may see together, what we can achieve for it. Let us know your budget and we will come up with related solutions to have still a fantastic day.

Wedding– Package – just for 2 people
If you just want to slip away and enjoy your important day just in two, this maybe realized quite easily and very fast.

Individual coordination
If you want to have all family and friends with you, maybe just the most important 10 guests or even up to 200 people, then we may plan every detail for you as well side programmes for the guests. This may be done very flexible, as our system has a choice of all details for a wedding, that maybe chosen singularly.

Our philosophy is, that both, you and us, shall have the most wonderful and enjoyable planning time together. And on the wedding day you may relax and enjoy the day and your guests. We are in the background and have an eye on all aspects that have to run smoothly without you noticing or bothering about it.

Just ask us for examples.

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