Have some little articles
for your perfect wedding

For example ribbons that show your names on them and you may wrap all your give-aways with them or just around the napkins.

Or typical italian tradition are the „Bombonniere“. They always have to contain 5 white almonds, because they say love, fortune, health, success and kids.

Some personalized cussions to hold your wedding rings, they maybe styled in the colors of your decoration.

Charming give-aways, with these you say thank you to your guests that they made this wonderful day even more wonderful. And the guests take it as memory of your wedding.

Little handkerchiefs for all the tears of joy that are shed during the ceremony. Or fans for smoothing the hot air.

You'll find some examples on the following pages. All of them may be realized individually. Just tell us what you want info@creativewedding.de

We answer with timings and possibilities including costs of delivery!

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