Wedding ceremonies

There are different options to get married in Italy. Not possible is a church wedding and a civil wedding, it is not realizable according to the Italian law.

The 3 most important possibilities are mentioned hereafter, but as well it is possible to organize anniversaries, renew of the vows, baptism and so on.

Church weddingChurch weddingChurch wedding   Church wedding

You may get wed with a english speaking priest. Most of the catholic churches in Italy accept couples from abroad, some don´t.

Important is that you follow a pre-wedding-course at home and get the okay from your home priest to get married here.

Beside the catholic churches you find some lutheran parishes and some anglican churches. Just ask us for the necessary documents and preparation.

Are you just thinking of a renew of your vows, even here are lots of possibilities.

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Civil weddingCivil weddingCivil wedding   Civil wedding

It is possible to have the civil wedding in a town hall. This will be legally registered and is valid all over the world. The registrar hands out an international marriage certificate after the ceremony.

Lots of the town halls here in Italy are in historic buildings, have afrescoes or are even situated in beautiful villas.

The smaller the town is, the more probable is a celebration by the major himself. Just ask for the various solutions.

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Symbolic ceremonySymbolic ceremonySymbolic ceremony   Symbolic ceremony

Maybe you do belong to different religions, or you had been married already, so it will not be possible to have a second church wedding, then it is a nice idea to have a blessing with a priest or a celebrant.

This may be arranged everywhere, in a garden, on a terrace etc., but not in the churches or in the town halls.

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