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A little bit of Gypsy in Varenna on Lake Como |  March 2019

I know, the Boho-Style is trendy already for some years. So as well Miriam asked for this decoration style. She did send me lots of photos of colorful bridal bouquets, with berries, feathers and lots of natural ingredients in them.

The next steps is the briefing for the flower shop, so sometimes arriving with all these photos and infos the italian partners are a bit shocked. This is not the right way for an elegant wedding in Italy, it all hast o be more beautiful and elegant.

Thats when you have to play your role as wedding planner, explain to the italian florist what the german couple has in mind. But this is also very funny and fulfilling to find a way inbetween ways of how it is used to be worked out here in Italy and what are the desires from couples coming from other countries. At the end you can see that for everybody it is fantastic to try new ways and the results are always stunning!

A beautiful location for legal weddings: Varenna on Lake Como

For the wedding of Miriam and Mathias we had choosen a spectacular location for their legal wedding: Varenna on Lake Como where you can get married outside. With views on the lake and surrounded by a small botanical garden.
We had a very excited mayor in Varenna, it was his first wedding ceremony. During the night before he was commited and confirmed to be the new mayor. And so I had him standing next to me, asking millions of questions when to say what. But he held such a cute wedding speech, so everybody was happy and emotionally touched by his kind words to the newly wed couple.
Another highlight was the boatsride back to their restaurant. We all came with  an organized private boat to Varenna. When going home, there appeared a quite  huge black cloud on the sky. This one was chasing us home. Our captain had a  special weather report on his smartphone so we could see that the cloud came  after us.
But we reached the restaurant without rain and finally the cloud  went away, hiding behind the mountains, so no rain the whole evening !
A  happy bride, a happy captain and a very very happy wedding planner. I like it  when it comes to the good end!

Your wedding-planner Britta, Creative  Wedding
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