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News 2021

Open Air – a new trend

2020 hasn't been and also 2021 still is not easy to plan for consistent weddings. Last year some of the events had to be postponed. This year also started not too good. Now we are ready to go for June, July and the rest of the summer season. But what will be the vision for 2022 ?

Out of this new situation, that came for all of us, occurred a new trend : Tiny weddings.

This means to focus on people you really want to have near you on your big day. It allows you to be so close to these chosen friends and your contact is very intense. You also enjoy a certain flexibility with a small group. Last but not least you save a lot of your wedding budget.

So lots of advantages to find in this new trend, from my point of you, the biggest advantage is the intensity of being so close to some of your most loved persons.

So, start planning, we are here for you with tips and tricks !

Britta, Creative Wedding
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