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News 2023

Lights, Lamps and more to get noticed

Currently quite often we are beeing asked to think about a light concept for the weddings. Not just candles and flowers on the table, that is still the base. But very trendy are now the fairylights, just easy bulbs on a rope. Then that has been further developed into a light curtain which makes a fantastic atmosphere. The top is the sky of stars created by little LED lamps over the heads of the guests.

Also on the dining table there are some news. Of course nothing goes without candles and flowers, they create every base of romanticism. Then it is possible to add some lamps like Pendula or Kristall from Kartell. These create more light during dinner, so the eye can also enjoy what the mouth is tasting from the plate. Absolutely new ist the lamp Abajour, 100% elegance and freshly designed by Matteo Camola Light Designer.

Finally we have the moment to cut the wedding cake. Of course a firework is special, but also quite an investment. Maybe just the letters Love in the background are already wonderful. Or Sparkles which are far away from beeing dangerous as they work with cold flames. So no licences are necessary. Maybe you want to adopt the Abajour styling also for the cake, so see that this is possible now.

Here are just mentioned a few from numerous possibilities, just ask, we are always happy to help with ideas and new projects. Sincerely, Britta, Creative Wedding
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